10 Simple and Fast Ways to Increase Your Paid Media Profit Margins Now

How to Use Web and Internet Video to Market and Communicate

IBM Software Services for Lotus is using video in a wide variety of ways – for internal education and communications as well as for external marketing and customer relations. Internally, IBM uses video for sales training, communication where they want to propose a particular course of action, and to provide training of their technical solution architects and solution specialists. They also are doing internal case studies – talking head interviews and lots of screen capture using their own LotusLive web conference solution and mixing it with live video. IBM is also using video externally to promote and market their assets and solutions worldwide. The video messages are designed to help customers select, purchase and use the appropriate business solutions.

Learn the Best Strategies for Successful Marketing With YouTube

When we talk about video sharing site, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. With its large number of users and site traffic, there is no better place to publish and market videos.

YouTube Marketing Tips for Beginners

YouTube marketing is not an unusual subject as it has been found to be a good source of income. All you need are videos which offer useful content and gain loyal subscribers. If you are planning to start a brand or wish to promote your current one, you should never forget YouTube marketing in your list.

Small Business Marketing – 7 Ideas For Great Video Content

Video Content: Video is a great way to create content, it’s also good for exposure and back links. So here we’re going to give you a few different ideas that you can use to create videos. There are a few different ways to create videos. If you’re just doing a straight forward video the simplest way is to use a Flip video camera. You can find the Flip video camera at many local stores and you can also get it at Amazon. If you would like to include screenshots or other special effects in your video you could use

Why Professional Internet Video Production Is Essential

It seems anyone can be a moviemaker these days. The popularity of video sharing websites such as YouTube, and the advancement of digital video technology, have made it much easier and quicker for us to shoot, produce and upload our videos online.

How To Get Views Quickly On A YouTube Video – Two Things

YouTube is by far the most trafficked video network on the internet. Because there is so much traffic flowing around, YouTube is a great place to do any sort of marketing. But to have a successful video on YouTube means that the video get views and the sooner the better. So how can someone get a lot of views quickly on YouTube?

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