10 YouTube Features You SHOULDN’T IGNORE!

Company Videos Inform and Train

Video is a powerful force in a corporation’s marketing and strategy. It is a specialized field that involves the use of creative communications experts who should have up-to-date knowledge on the latest in technology in video used to inspiring a company’s growth. These videos vary from company to company who each have a wide range of requirements; from training videos to introductory speech videos and from company laws, policies and practices to specific company employee training.

Effective Communication of Message in a Corporate Video

Many companies feel the need to make a corporate video as a mean of promoting, marketing, and training. The video lets the company communicate their message quickly and effectively. What is the best way to get a product that meets your customers’ expectations?

5 YouTube Tips To Get Your Videos Seen By More People

YouTube in my opinion is the “Golden Road” to success. You always hear people say, “Content is King” well if that is true then Video must be Queen! And if you have not figured out video marketing yet I can safely wager that your overall online success has been deeply affected by it.

Using Idents As A Promotional Tool

Television stations these days are using something called idents, otherwise known as station identification, as a way of branding themselves on air. Viewers will recognise the station identification symbol as the television network’s call sign, channel number or brand name logo. This is a small but incredibly important part of a television network’s presentation. It can appear on the screen during and between shows as a means of branding the network, as well as a way of complying with the relevant licensing authorities’ legal obligations and requirements.

How to Shake the Winter Blues by Making Viral Videos for Fun and Profit

How often do you find yourself stuck in the house on them cold winter days, suffering from the winter blues? I bet you said quite often, if you did then your answer is like that of most people during the winter months. I want you to stop right now and think about what you just read, if you do find yourself stuck in the house during the winter with nothing to do, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Motion Graphic Templates Provide The Competitive Edge

Storyboarding has been widely employed in the development of movies, comics, stories and advertisements. Storyboards enable creative teams to brainstorm and capture the various ideas before finalising on an action plan for the production. A form of visual thinking, storyboarding allows ideas to be physically presented and the components of the project chronologically arranged. However, it is imperative to differentiate the two main uses of storyboarding; working and presentation storyboards. Working storyboards are utilised for planning the project and finalising the sequence of events, whereas the presentation storyboard is used to sell the final vision and sequence to the client.

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