13 YouTube Myths that DESTROY Small Channels

YouTube Views – How to Get More

YouTube views are important to get if you want your video to find success. Here are some of the common methods people use. Some work, some should be avoided.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for a small business owner to advertise his or her products or services online. YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the web and in July of 2010 it was the 3rd most visited website on the planet with over 100 million unique visitors for the month. With more people going online every day looking for information on how to do things, clearly video marketing on the internet is here to stay.

Occam’s Razor Solves Marketing Misinformation

Many years ago I had a professor whose favorite saying was, “It’s the simple things that elude people.” It’s not a new idea of course, but it is an important one, often associated with 14th century English logician William of Ockham. Occam’s razor as it is commonly referred to states that “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” which in pop culture terms has been interpreted as meaning ‘the simplest solution is most often the best.’ It is also pretty clear that old Ockham would have been a big believer in what we now call the ‘Paradox of Choice’ as coined by Barry Schwartz in his book by the same name. The Paradox of Choice basically describes how customers intent on buying from you, don’t, because they are confused with too many options; to paraphrase Ockham, features or options must not be multiplied beyond what it takes to get an order.’ In fact, it is pretty well understood by those of us who actually study how to communicate a marketing message that a focus on an emotional benefit is what works, not another new feature.

Video Marketing – How to Totally Mess Up Your Video Sales Letters

Video marketing works like crazy for so many aspects of your online business. Like all things, there is a right way to do it – and a wrong way. There are a few ways you can really bomb with a video sales letter.

Appropriate Account Types For YouTube Video Marketing

One effective way to increase your popularity and eventually profitability is to do video marketing the YouTube way. And how will you be able to do that? First you need to organize the kinds of videos you intend to popularize or advertise. You can have different sets of videos in your channel, but you really need to have a clear sense of direction so you do not end up messing your play list.

The Difference Between Branding & Lawyer Marketing

Lawyers have difficulty seeing the difference. They are so ingrained at watching commercials that have no inherent value except to put a company’s name into the ether that when they decide they want to create video, they say “I want what they have.” The only problem is that what they’ve been watching is branding an image or a company. Here’s what I mean. When you watch a commercial for McDonalds, the commercial doesn’t say, come down to our restaurant at 52 Main Street and get a happy meal. Rather, it talks about the company in general. When Nike runs an ad for a new sneaker, they don’t say “Pick up your new sneakers at our megastore in Times Square in Manhattan. They just want you to know about their new sneaker.

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