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How Video Is Essential In Corporate Communication

The last 10 years have witnessed the explosion of video production as an integral part of business communication. Forrester Research reports that over 50% of online traffic today is in form of this content. The percentage is expected to rise up to 80% by 2017, highlighting the importance of this medium in corporate communication.

Facebook Video: How to Get More People to Buy

Videos are so popular on the internet that there is actually a category for them called video marketing. Enclosed are some facts worth noticing and tips on how to take advantage of video marketing for your business.

10 Days to No-Fear Video Marketing

Are you afraid to make a video? Do the words Video Marketing send you into a panic? We’re told that most people are afraid of public speaking. You would think that being on the Internet wouldn’t call up that fear. After all, you could make a video in private. You could keep recording until you get it right, until it satisfies you. Yet time and time again, network marketers, business people and marketers hesitate to get in front of the camera. In this article, if you follow my instructions, you can conquer that fear in as little as 10 days.

Leverage Videos For Brand Messaging And Gain Benefits Of Online Digital Marketing

Everyone loves videos, or at least it seems so. Most of us spend a considerable amount of time watching videos on social platforms. We also visit YouTube where 400 hours of videos are uploaded to the site every minute. We scrounge Facebook, Instagram and other social channels to lay our hands on engaging pieces of videos to quench the appetite for information. It’s this very intense desires of ours of watching videos that has forced new-age marketers to look for ways to leverage them and benefit businesses. This is why the concept of video marketing has picked a lot in recent times.

5 Tips On How To Be Successful In Video Marketing

According to Cisco’s visual networking index, over 64% of internet traffic is from video content. The traffic is projected to grow to 80% by the year 2019. Videos are loved by many people as they are easy to use and unlike text, they don’t consume plenty of time to get what is being told. Due to the huge opportunities that lie in videos, they are great to use in your marketing campaign. For you to be successful in video marketing you need to observe these tips:

Tips To Help Perfect Video Production

Videos remains very popular among online users and when you choose to use videos in your content you stand to have a winning marketing campaign. The presentation, production quality and the content of the video are some of the factors that differentiate between a good video and one that is not that good. This means that you need to be very specific with the information the video provides as well as the style that you use to reach to your target audience.

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