5 MISTAKES that Send Your Channel to YOUTUBE HELL!

Video Optimization Basics for Businesses

Video optimization is gradually gaining popularity as a large number of businesses are now realizing its importance. Just like all your other textual and visual content, video optimization allows you to rank your videos on the top of search engine results.

What Makes Online Video Advertising Attractive?

There are all kinds of different methods of marketing and advertising used in the digital age, yet it is video that is fast becoming the most popular. It would be easy to say that the rise of YouTube has a lot to do with that, but there is actually more to the video age than meets the eye.

Social Media Tips for Webinar Promotion

So you’ve decided to run a webinar to promote your business offering – a product or a service. As someone who has been using social media to promote your business you might be wondering if there are any specific tips, do’s and don’ts for webinar promotion and engagement. Social networking can certainly help you with promotion and delivery of a webinar.

Filming and Editing and Getting Exposure For Your Video For YouTube

If you have considered creating a video to market your business or yourself on YouTube, you need to understand that there is a lot that goes into this process. Although the process can take some time, it is definitely worth it in terms of the exposure you will receive if you do it correctly.The first thing you need to take into consideration is the quality of the film you are creating.Quality is very important when you are creating your video so you want to make sure that you use a camera that can record in high definition so that your production doesn’t seem amateurish.

How Your Business Can Use Videos And YouTube To Drive Sales

Incorporating YouTube videos in your marketing strategy will not only boost search engine rankings but also bring in a new breed of customers. Here’s how to go about including videos to drive sales.

How to Get People to Watch Your YouTube Videos

With all of the Google updates and algorithm changes and Pandas and Hummingbirds, it’s hard to know what type of optimization techniques you can use to get your video content seen. Try these 5 strategies to give your videos the juice they need to get noticed both by viewers and the search engines.

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