5 Surprising FACTS about YouTube YOU DIDN’T KNOW

Video Marketing – Build Your Customer Base in Your Service Business

Video marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to get a message across online. With the average US internet user watching more than 100 videos online each month, if you have a business (online or bricks and mortar), you simply must use videos. Videos are a powerful and very effective way to attract people to your business and build your list to create new, targeted leads.

What Are Some Important Aspects of Making a Video?

Deciding to make a video for the internet, or any other purpose is one thing. Making it interesting, engaging and informative, is another. I expand on some basic principles for your video making success.

What Video Sharing Sites Generate More Website Traffic?

Videos can help with traffic building on your website. People enjoy the media experience and video sharing sites add the benefit of social media to your videos. Viewers are also able to share your presentations, instructions, and other videos with others. There are many sites available and you can send videos to one or all. Actually sharing on more video sharing sites means more links back to your website.

Easy Video Production With an Article Converter

I’ve been using an article converter for quite some time now and I have been getting some fantastic results with it. There are quite a few article converters on the market right now and most of them offer easy video production for those of us that are technically challenged.

Why a Video is Important on Your Website

It’s plain to see we’re living in a ‘video world’. While online videos are great for passing time, how are business owners using them to bring in new revenue? Read here to find out why a video is important on your website.

Backlinks For Blogging – Video Distribution

Video distribution has become a powerful way to market yourself online. You can create one video and disseminate it across a wide array of video sharing sites.

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