5 Underrated SEO Lessons

Video and Your Bottom Line

We can’t deny it, video is crucial for your business! We are a visually driven society. We want information shown to us, and it had better be easy to find.

Videos Make Online Communications More Powerful

Want to increase your online presence? Hundreds of millions of internet users are watching videos online. Now marketing messages that were once limited to text, can come alive with sound and moving images. “Infotainment” (a relatively new industry word that combines “information” and “entertainment”) provides more brand exposure through increased clicks on a website.

Viral Marketing Campaign – YouTube

YouTube marketing has become unbelievably popular, and profitable, in the last couple of years. It originated as a site that would allow anyone to upload videos on any subject matter, usually just for fun and to keep in touch with family and friends. Today it has become an online marketers dream come true. Having the ability to upload a short informational video can dramatically increase a webmasters credibility and traffic, all for free.

3 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Adding video to your website can help you engage a visitor’s attention and keep them around long enough to find out how you can help them. It can also give you a way to provide helpful information to those who prefer video over written words. Here are three easy videos you can create to get started.

Internet Marketing For Artists – Using the Flip Cam

A flip cam is a cheap and portable digital camcorder that is easy to use and easy to upload to your computer. You can order it online or from WalMart. What is great about the Flip cam is that you can take it to art and craft shows without lugging around an expensive or fragile camcorder.

Micro-Jobs to Post Comment on Your YouTube Video

Do you need people to reply to the post comment section on your YouTube video? It’s not always a given that someone will get in there and get the comments started. In so many cases, you can work really hard to develop a great video and end up being pushed down to the bottom of the list quite quickly simply because nobody commented. How frustrating!

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