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Automatic Video Submission Software

Video is fast overtaking written material as the media option of choice for both marketing and social platform applications. It is seeing an increase in use at all levels of the industry and hardly any site, blog or forum does not feature a fair proportion of video content. Fortunately there are also several automatic video submission software applications available to make the distribution of videos easier.

Can YouTube Make You More Famous Than a Squirrel and Earn Money For You Too?

If a simple rodent or reptile can make headway into a celebrity lifestyle by using YouTube, so can you. You may earn money along the way from your video posts, and might even become a celebrity phenomenon before you know it.

Automated Video Submission Software – Read This Before You Buy

Video is everywhere you look these days and represents the latest major trend to evolve in online marketing. You won’t open many sites that don’t feature some video content. The same can be said of social forums where video is fast replacing written input. Getting all this material distributed was a problem, though, until the advent of automated video submission software. Read more here.

Incansoft’s Video Bot – A Review

Video bot is a product which has been developed by the Greek Software development team Incansoft, who have a whole host of products which they have developed to assist with content syndication around the internet. Video is certainly considered to be one of the best ways to engage with a different portion of the internet, which you otherwise may not have access to. It is estimated that around 30% of internet traffic is based on people viewing video’s which begs the question, is it an area which you can afford to ignore?

YouTube Viral Marketing Tips

Statistics indicate that 4.3 billion videos are watched per month on YouTube. That’s a viewership that’s too enticing to ignore. At the same time – and perhaps a major factor in YouTube’s growth – the cost and time required to produce a video is now well within reach of nearly every business. Does this mean everyone needs to run out and create a video to jump on the bandwagon? Not necessarily. Like all forms of social media, it’s best to stop and think about what value you have to offer before jumping in, as content that’s strictly self-promotional isn’t likely to get much viewership. So what do YouTube viewers like to watch? Read here and find out.

Video Sales Letter Formula Review

Ryan Deiss has just released a new internet marketing product called the video sales letter formula. The premise is that the longer form ‘traditional” sales letters will shortly be a thing of the past and that video is the wave of the future.

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