7 A.I. Marketing Tools That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

8 Brand Video Story Development Concepts

Your image and message are far too important to leave up to amateurs who don’t understand how to develop and present a marketing message using the Web video medium, a medium that differs from television advertising and corporate presentations as much as it differs from print. For those who think that professional Web video is too expensive, I would advise the real cost of DIY and amateurism is lost sales and reputation.

Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is a very popular and very useful website. It has a lot of features which allow you to use video to promote your business, share personal experiences, or do pretty much whatever you want. However, YouTube isn’t the end-all of video sites. With that in mind, here are some alternatives.

3 Things to Remember When Choosing Keywords for a New Website and Getting Targeted Traffic

Knowing how to properly choose keywords for targeted traffic is one of the most important things to pay close attention to when starting a new website or blog. How do you know what keyword to use? Are you getting the right customers with the keywords you are using? I explain this and more in this article. Choosing keywords isn’t hard, but there are some things you want to take note of if you want your traffic from those keywords to convert into buyers. Most people are still doing this wrong, so if you get it right you will be miles ahead of the competition.

The Rise and Rise of Online Video

With YouTube now exceeding 2 billion views every single day, if you’re a company (or an individual), can you really afford to ignore the impending video revolution? Only if you want to get left behind…

Why Royalty Free Stock Footage Isn’t Really Free

Do not be fooled by the use of ‘free’ when you come across the term royalty free stock footage. You can access a whole lot of very high quality footage to complement your video production projects, but no matter what you will still pay an initial fee for the right to use it.

Video Marketing Will Help Your Promotions to Go Viral

By not making use of the advantages associated with video marketing your business is definitely missing out on an important tool which happens to be an excellent way of promoting your business. This world is becoming more and more digital and your visitors desire content that they can absorb in ways that text cannot provide. They want that content quicker and easier.

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