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The Growing Trend of Online Video Marketing – Part 2

Part 2 of an article series focusing on the growing trend of Online Video Marketing. In this article draw on some top tips on how how to maximise the potential of Online Video Marketing for your business.

My Journey Into Online Video for Business – Taking the Message From the Sidewalk to the Boardroom

Video messages are everywhere online; they have become unscripted, spontaneous, at times hilarious and viral. We know video is overtaking the social aspect of online communication but what happens when a small business owner steps into the video communication world for marketing, training and customer service? Is the message of the sidewalk relevant in the boardroom? Do clients appreciate and more importantly, do they respond to messages delivered via a video platform over the more traditional written, phone or face to face conversations?

Video Marketing Tips – Creating A Video That’s Worth Your Investment

There’s a new trend in the promotion of online businesses and that comes in the form of video marketing. It is the process of advertising a venture through short videos that can be uploaded not just in the site of the business but other sites too. These videos are expected to capture hundreds of millions who now opt to watch ads rather than read or listen to them. In this article, we will specifically talk about some effective video marketing tips on how to create a video that will surely be worth your investment.

Categories of Marketing Emails

Email marketing campaigns, when used correctly, have been shown to be successful informants. There are different types of marketing emails that each target different aspects of emails marketing campaigns in hopes of providing the right information for the company. The ultimate goal is to keep the subscribers interested in the content and to also gain new subscribers through the different marketing emails.

Video Promotions for Your Product Increase Sales

In today’s world of advanced digital media, there is absolutely no need to overemphasize upon the fact that visual media has an impounding effect on human brains. Shrewd marketers have woven upon this fact and have already capitalized on this universal fact. About two or three decades ago, written text was the primary means of advertisement and humans had not developed much in the field of visual media.

Beefing Up Your Social Media Campaign With Videos

Social media is the new advertising. This article focuses on how videos can enhance your social media outlets and help propel your business into the 21st century.

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