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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing

Video Marketing is by far one of the most powerful marketing tools available online. Learn the top five reasons why video marketing MUST be integrated into your marketing repertoire.

Online Video Types – Know Your Purpose

When it comes to online videos, all videos are not made the same. Nor should they be. In fact, each video that you produce should have a clear purpose.

Video Marketing – The Most Effective Form of Communication Used by Most Companies Today

With the advent of websites such as YouTube and Facebook, more and more people are online and source most of their information from the Internet. More than ever, advertisers have become adept and creative with the different types of advertising online to cater to the different needs of people for attractive and eye-catching commercials.

Video Marketing – 3 Ways to Source Low Cost Legal Music For Your YouTube Video

While YouTube is busy with over 24 hours of video uploads every minute, there is a problem when many of these videos are later pulled or the music disabled because the video producer failed to address the music’s copyright issues when they created their videos. In order to address these issues, a company by the name of Rumblefish has created their Friendlymusic website in order to enable average YouTube users to find soundtrack music for their videos without resorting to copyright violations. On June 30, 2010, the independent music licensing company will be offering songs from its…

Video Marketing – Why YouTube Isn’t Enough

If you haven’t gotten into video marketing yet, you are missing out on huge opportunities to drive traffic, sell products, and build lists. If you have started using videos, are you using them to your full potential? Do you already have a YouTube account?

5 Most Popular Video Marketing Ideas For Advertising Your Business

One of the most significant changes that video sharing sites like YouTube have brought to small business and corporate marketers is the proliferation of new venues that companies can now use to promote their products or services. The following is a list of the most popular and fastest growing types of video content…

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