7 Nifty Marketing Tactics to Deploy Now

Lawyer Video Marketing – Watch Companies Set Themselves Apart – Why Can’t You?

Let’s say you own a watch company. You compete with Breitling, Omega, Movado, Festina, Frederique Constant, Alpina, Citizen, Seiko among many others. How do you market your watches? Don’t they all just tell time? Don’t they all have an hour hand and a minute hand?

Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel to market your business, product, service or talent is a great way to build social equity. Once you build an army of subscribers on YouTube, the audience will be attuned to whatever videos you share next and you can use this to your advantage.

Maximize Business Exposure With Video Marketing

YouTube provides a great platform to maximize business exposure with video marketing and generating traffic towards your website and blogs. If you want to maximize traffic out of each video, it is important to have a good quality video. However, most people get caught up with the production of the visuals and fancy transitions that animate the video and less on the message being delivered. A few traffic strategies have to be followed if you want to increase traffic to your website with video marketing. Make sure that you extend an invitation to the visitors to visit one of your website within the video.

Video Syndication Tools For Internet Marketers – Which is Best?

Is there anything bigger than video marketing right now? Filming videos has become extremely easy but distributing them can be a nightmare without the right tools. If you’re thinking about joining the video marketing crowd, here’s the latest run down on the two top video syndication tools: Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul.

How to Make Money Posting Videos Online?

Do you know that you can actually make money by posting videos online? One of the places where you can earn money by posting original videos is Youtube.com. But there are better places to do this. Continue reading…

Implement Engagement Marketing With Web Videos

People love and are incredibly engaged with interesting web videos. It is estimated that more than 75% of Internet users view videos. This is expected to increase to 90% or more within two years. Web video that captivates your audience is very likely to be shared with their own network of business colleagues and friends using social media.

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