7 Secrets to VIRAL YouTube Titles

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Currently under fire, Bob Parsons, the CEO of the internet web-hosting company, GoDaddy dot com posted a touchy video online from a recent trip to Zimbabwe last month. Participating in his second annual wild elephant hunt, Parsons, the founder of the prominent web-hosting site, vacationed to the African country, shooting and killing a wild bull elephant on March 8th. Only recently being asked by the locals to assist them in their attempt to save their crops from the rampaging giants, he has been visiting the nation for years.

Online Video Production – 5 Hollywood Lighting Tips For Video Success

Lighting on video and film is the key to project dynamics, intimacy and professionalism. If you are trying to present your website or online business in the best light you can (no pun intended), simple lighting tips can make a huge difference between what looks like a Hollywood film and a cheap, amateur project.

Why Long Play Video Sales Letters Can Significantly Increase Your Profits

If you’ve been anywhere in the internet marketing space recently, you’ve probably noticed a virtual flood of websites using long play video in place of traditional sites with written sales copy. The reason behind this may or may not be obvious, but the reality is that this new wave of long play video marketing is not only on the rise, it is more than likely here to stay.

6 Easy Steps To Drive Traffic Using YouTube

Video marketing is one of the biggest marketing tools right now which is evident from the one million viewers YouTube gets each day. But how can YouTube drive traffic to your site? It’s very simple.

How To Make Money Off YouTube

Want to learn how to make money off YouTube? It’s not hard at all. In fact, there are thousands of people out own YouTube videos that could be making them hundreds, even thousands per month, and they don’t even know it! Find out more here.

Tips to Effectively Promote With Video Online

The Online world is full of information and the typical attention span of an online person is measured in seconds. When web searchers look for their information from a Google search, they’ll get many hundreds of search results, if they go to your web site, they might only spend a few seconds, it’s in those seconds you have to get their attention.

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