7 Ways For Your Co-workers to Help You With Marketing

YouTube For Artists – Lighting Techniques

Making videos is fun. But to really make them the best that you can be and show your art in it’s best form, lighting your work properly is a must. It’s one of the things that people forget about the most when shooting their first videos.

How to Get More Views on YouTube – Top 5 Tips

Vlogging or video marketing is regarded to be one of the most proven ways to get thousands of targeted traffic from YouTube. In internet marketing, video marketing is vital if you really want to get thousands of traffic with an easy effort. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people on the internet who love watching videos instead of reading long articles.

How Does the New YouTube Moderator Feature Make it an Even More Viable Tool For Small Business?

Considered the second most important search engine behind its owner Google, YouTube is easily the biggest video sharing community on the web. While the site is perfect for videos, it has never been the greatest platform for conversations.

YouTube – 3 Essential Ways to Increase Viewing Traffic

If you have been in the Internet business for while, you know that the key to successfully generating and reaching your target market is by not spending a huge amount on marketing strategies. What you need is to just take advantage of the free on-line sites and avail yourself of their traffic to commence your list building. As more people are into watching videos YouTube has grown into one of the most populated sites. So, why not use the free traffic there to advertise your business?

YouTube Introduces a Brand New Tool For Videos

The video posting site that has revolutionized video sharing for the world, has now added a new idea for users. The simple tool is a video editing tool that allows users to create mashups of already downloaded video clips.

YouTube – The 3 No-Nos of Video Marketing

YouTube has been the leading site for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to boost their market coverage and penetration by creating persuasive videos that will attract new customers and clients. YouTube is the number one video marketing site and is now considered actually one of the three most popular web sites in the whole world.

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