8 Things to get you SEEN by the Algorithm

Video Submission Service

A good video submission service and some video tools with basic knowledge of video marketing is all you need. A simple cheap camera like The Flip works wonders in making videos.

How to Market Your Investment Property Online Using Video – Part 1

Did you know that 80% of potential buyers are going online before they ever walk to their car and view a property? That means all real estate investors that are not using the internet are fighting for 20% of buyers! Obviously this signifies the importance of how the web is changing the game. Sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Howto, Zillow, and others, are changing the way potential customers find out about your product. Today, people are online actively looking for products buy and researching how to maximize their purchase.

How to Market Your Investment Property Online – Part II

Up to now you have already shot your video, uploaded it, and launched it on TubeMogul. While that is a good start, it is not enough for the video be online. Use specific keywords when tagging your video online. This will help get more exposure when people search on Google. Now we must expose our property on various social media channels.

Video Directory Submission – Simple Steps to Optimize Your Video Details Here!

Video creation and video creation submission has evolved into its own social media. For the past few years the popularity of of online videos has risen drastically. For example the big player, YouTtube, has has over 150,000 new videos submitted to their video directory every day. Also, 50,000 videos are watched daily on YouTube. I would like to show you a few tips in my article that will help you get your video watched on YouTube and other video directories

Video Marketing For Lawyers – Admit a Fault

Yes. You read that correctly. In your next video, explain to your viewer a fault you have that may prevent them from coming to your office to hire you.

Talking About Video Promotion

When you think of video promotion, what jumps out at you first? Is it the image of You Tube? There are many ways to use video promotion and they all start out with making a video. One tip is to use a good quality video cam or video camera to record your video. There are many different video recorders out there that can be used to create your video.

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