Publishing Multimedia in the B2B Publishing Industry

Anyone in B2B publishing, or any magazine or journal publishers for that matter, already knows how tough it’s been over the last year or so as the economy slides into the abyss. Depending on the industries served, some publishing companies have had a tougher time than others.

Using Videos For Getting Traffic to Your Site

With the online competition getting fierce, the need to implement latest strategies is becoming indispensable. With so many people advertising about the same product and price tag directing traffic towards your website becomes really important.

YouTube Or Not to YouTube? That is the Question

Using YouTube or any other third party video delivery system is a huge mistake! No! This may have been true when YouTube first started but this is no longer the case.

How to Use Video Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales

If you have had a hard time trying to figure out how to make a good video to market your product or service, here are a few things you can keep in mind when producing videos. Follow these great rules and see how your online business can explode.

The Most Important Part of Your Videos May Be The Audio

A video soundtrack, or the audio, is often overlooked or is a second thought in the production process and this can be a huge mistake. With all of the focus on “high definition”, cheap camcorders, laptops with integrated webcams and, of course, all of the video sharing sites, the focus is really on the visual side of the equation. Audio is just “implied”.

Video Sales Letter Formula – Triple Your Conversions Using Video?

Ryan Deiss new program called the Video Sales Letter Formula shows you why the traditional, long-form sales letter is dead. It’s an outdated way of selling. The new way, that’s working up to 3 times better is using VIDEO. In this article you’ll find some more information on the Video Sales Letter Formula and how it can help you improve your online conversions and marketing with video.

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