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Three Ways to Create Video For Your Website Without a Web Cam

Adding video to your website can help you engage a visitor’s attention and keep them around long enough to find out how you can help them. It can also give you a way to provide helpful information to those who prefer video over written words. If you want to add video to your website but aren’t ready to put yourself in front of the camera, or aren’t setup with a web cam and software to record video yet, here are some options for you.

Internet Marketing For Artists – Slideshow Videos

A great way to show off your artwork is to make a slideshow video. A slideshow video is one where you see images moving slowly in and out of the video with maybe a soft background music playing.

Video Marketing – How Introverts Can Get More Clients Online With Screencast Videos

Introverts typically don’t like to star in or view online video. So, then, how could an introvert take advantage of online video marketing? By turning articles into screencast videos. Here are 8 steps to create a screencast video that is perfect for introverted marketers:

Videos – A Powerful Teaching Aid For Making Money Online

Online teaching has been around now for over twenty years. Many mistakes have been made and many lessons learned over that time to make the video one of the most powerful teaching aids. It may not though be a stand-alone medium. The written word is still very important and the two together have been shown to be far more powerful than either one or the other separately.

How to Write Video Marketing Scripts For Your Company

Creating several video marketing scripts can be a daunting process unless you break down the components. The ultimate goal of a marketing script is to sell your company’s experience and core competencies to the potential client perusing your website.

A Way to Get Comments For Your YouTube Video

Bring your YouTube video comments to a new level without a large budget or tons of known followers. How? You can probably relate to this scenario, if you are trying to promote your online business. You already know that the more people that see your product, the higher the chances of sales conversion. So you made a YouTube video that promotes your product or idea, unfortunately no one seems to be watching it, much less commenting on it. You have done everything that you think you can to make it exciting and interesting, so what else can you do to drive traffic to it?

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