ANY Small Channel can get RECOMMENDED on YouTube

The Best Ways To Get A High Ranking On YouTube

There are a number of ways that you can achieve your goal of getting traffic to your YouTube channel. It is not a case that you have to wait for an indefinite period for it to happen.

How To Get Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

If you have the solution for getting constant traffic to your YouTube channel then more power to you. The fact is that you can never have too much traffic coming in. It is not about getting views from your family and friends only.

How to Upload Videos From Your Computer to YouTube

YouTube is a wonderful video sharing site. It stands to reason that once you’ve made a video that you would want to share it with your friends or the entire world.

How Can Using Voice-Overs in Flash Videos Improve Viewer Engagement?

There are many reasons to use voice-overs in Flash videos on you website; one of the most important is to improve viewer engagement for increased sales. If you’re currently using Flash videos on your website’s landing page-good, add voice to the Flash graphics-great, this will catch your visitor’s attention and hold it. Numerous studies have been done on the correlation between the human attention span and what captures an individual’s attention and keeps it.

Video Marketing Tips and Trends 1 – How-To Video Sites

In this article, I would like to tell you about an important trend regarding online video and how you can benefit from it. Just recently, AOL have purchased 5 Min Media, the owners of the How-to Video site, for a rumoured 50 to 60 million dollars.

Could Video Be the Death of Text on the Net?

Are we witnessing the death of text on the web? After all, we are now living the TV age. The baby boomer generation are the first TV generation, and they are used to getting their information via moving images. With the huge increase in web based video are we seeing the beginning of the end for text on the web?

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