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Stop Trying To Be Number One On Google’s Search Results Page!

Most Search Engine Optimization efforts are focused on getting your website to rank number one on Google for the most critical keywords for your business. But have you stopped to consider the rest of the search results page? All that money and effort to rank number one has put you squarely head-to-head with all of your TOP competition on those very same keywords. Content marketing in general and online video marketing specifically can totally change the nature of the game for you. What if, instead of just being number one on the Google Search Results Page, you could TOTALLY DOMINATE THE ENTIRE PAGE? That’s right, a well optimized online video marketing campaign could help you push your competition out of sight – leaving you as the immediately recognized expert authority in your niche.

5 Top Tips for Planning a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

The important role that video marketing plays can no longer be brushed aside. The concept of an advert or short film going ‘viral’ means that a well thought out piece of video content has the potential to be seen by consumers all over the world, not just helping solidify your company’s reputation with existing customer bases, but opening up your business to potential new customers that you didn’t even know were interested in your products or services. Google-owned YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world.

Why Use Video Marketing?

I put together a brief list of the reasons why you ought to have a video marketing strategy in your online business repertoire. You should continuously be looking for new ways to improve your exposure to the markets and video marketing can be your main vehicle for that purpose. Here are some facts.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Video

Oftentimes people will say that they are interested in creating some video to promote their business and ask, “How much would it cost?” Imagine walking into a restaurant and asking, “How much will it cost us to eat here?” Well, how many people are in your party?

How Low Quality Video Could Damage Your Business

Video marketing has seen a real upsurge recently. More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of Google’s loving of all things video. But a knee-jerk reaction like that could do more damage than good. This article explains why low quality video will damage your business.

How To Use Online Video Marketing Tactics To Skyrocket Your Sales

If you are a business owner, are your online video marketing ads among the 10 billion viewed by 52 percent of the U.S population in May? The online ad viewing statistics is too big to ignore. Studies show that video advertising is a very effective marketing tactic in creating brand awareness. This article explains, how you can skyrocket your sales with online video marketing.

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