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4 Ways To Use Video As A Home Business Money Maker

As anyone who has been online for any length of time can tell you video is all the rage these days and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. This trend is evidenced by the popularity of You Tube and other video sharing websites on the web. With that being said here are 4 ways you can incorporate video into your online home business to help explode your profits on the web.

Camstudio Review

So you might be wondering how marketers make videos from their desktops; well Camstudio is one of the pieces of software you can use and the best thing is that it is totally free which is perfect if you are on a small budget or no budget. So who uses Camstudio – well it is perfect for internet marketers, business owners and for anyone who wants to capture anything on screen. So why and when should you use Camstudio?

Nine Things I Learned About YouTube

A few weeks ago, having recently published Highly Visible Marketing, I had a guilt-stricken moment, the one where you suddenly realize you’re not following the very advice you so freely give to others. It was driven by having advocated YouTube as a free marketing tool in your social media arsenal, something I had yet to do myself. Having resolved to “practice what I preach” I published my first YouTube video yesterday. The experience was so cathartic that I decided to write about it.

Money Making Ideas – The Power of Video Marketing

Your Internet website is the first view of your business, and makes your presence known to prospects and customers online. Video Marketing builds traffic and get you found.

How To Video Market Your Business to Success

Video marketing is fast becoming the most powerful tool to promote a product or business. Therefore it is vital to ensure that you are effectively capturing the attention of your audience. This article gives tips on how to ensure that you are presenting your business or product in the most powerful way.

Video Interview Technique – One Person

Communicating a message can be done very effectively by a person talking on camera. Initially it seems easy enough but in this article we look at the pitfalls and how to make the most out of interviewing one person.

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