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Are You Using Video Marketing to Promote Yourself?

It wasn’t that long ago that video used to solely be the realm of mainstream media companies. But today, the landscape has changed dramatically and with it comes the dawn of a new era in personal and business marketing using video.

Why You Need to Get on Video Marketing Now

Ah, Americans. We just love our TV. For over 70 years now, we’ve been curling up at night with our loved ones and watching broadcast television. We can’t get enough of it!

Video Blogging – I Want to Be in Movies

Ever watch a movie as a child and think to yourself that you could do a better job acting than that so and so hack. Well, thanks to technology you can now be that so and so hack. With flip cameras, cheap online video editing software, and a YouTube account your video can now be spread all over the web.

What to Wear For Television and Video Interviews

According to professional stylists, what you wear in a video or television appearance can not only make what you say more believable to your audience, but can also help the camera do its job to create a well-focused video. For this reason, it’s quite important to give serious consideration to what you wear. Here are some tips.

Raise Your SEO Score Via YouTube With 5 Effortless Techniques

Many sales people today are using a lot of time and money on optimizing their websites to acquire higher traffic. What several of salespersons fail to realize, however, is that there are a number of free marketing instruments accessible on the internet that may assist them with further raising their sales. These marketing instruments are social media websites like YouTube.

Yes Virginia, Your Business Needs Video Marketing

One of the reasons why video marketing is so profitable is that one can utilize it in a lot of different ways that a video placed on your website you can make sales pitches and present your new products and services. Other sites can also work with videos. Do you have a Facebook account?

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