Can You Start Digital Marketing in 2022 With JUST a Phone?

Why Your Website Should Be Using Videos

Not that long ago, the general view of watching videos on websites was that they were too sales-orientated and in some cases, that they were simply annoying (especially if you chose to view one in an open plan office!). However, this view has changed significantly over the years to the point that people will choose to click on a video link often before they choose to read the text content. In part, this is due to the relevance of those videos which are now less likely to be sales-oriented and are more likely to be information-oriented. In other words, videos now play a much greater role in conveying useful information to website visitors. Here are four reasons why you should add videos to your website.

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing

Online marketing can play a crucial role in promoting your business. Video has become a very cost-effective form of communication allowing you to demonstrate your products and services in ways that photos and text simply cannot.

Video Creation Tips to Help a Newbie

If you want to strengthen your online presence, video is one of the best and fastest ways to do it. To be honest, video is fairly easy to do, but it does require some education and preparation. In other words, you can’t just throw something together and expect it to go viral. To create the best videos for your business there are a few things you need to know.

Who Else Wants The Inside Scoop On Online Video Marketing?

It is important to know that a business, be it online or offline, will not be able to succeed if it doesn’t have any customers supporting it. So if you want to get more customers and clients for your business, it is important that will need to do some promotion and advertising for your business.

Video and The Internet – A Perfect Match?

If you’ve done any internet searching, you’ve probably seen video showing up in your results more and more. Some people wonder if video is really effective even though it’s everywhere. And I’ve found that it is. Very effective.

New Feature – YouTube Comment Search

Unless you have been trapped in a cave for the past few years YouTube is the video sharing site that was created back in 2005 and is currently the leader in watching and sharing online videos. As time passed YouTube has been gradually adding features to the website, one of the more recent ones and my personal favorite is the YouTube Comment Search.

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