Copy THESE Tactics from Ryan Trahan (3M subs in ONE Year)

Enter Internet TV: Present and Future Online World

Google, Yahoo and Apple TV have been launched for some time now but haven’t really made the intended headlines just yet. A simple box will plug into your current TV and then you’ll have the huge multimedia choice the internet can provide. No longer will you be restricted by a limited number of channels or timetabled listings but the ability to watch what you want when you want.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos To Increase Number Of Views

The next thing you want to do when you upload videos is to write the description for your video. This is critical, because you get ranked by the words you use inside the description. Once again, just create this almost like a blog post. You want to write naturally here what your video is about.

Video Search Engine Optimization – Are You Using It?

The benefits of video search engine optimization are tremendous, and if you aren’t using this technique to gain traffic to your websites, you are simply missing out on a massive traffic generation technique. While video search engine optimization is still in it’s new stages, the concept is growing steadily and quickly. Video converts at a much better rate than a simple text submission, so I would recommend that you begin your video search engine optimization efforts ASAP.

Make New Friends Everyday To Increase Number Of Views On YouTube

You need to make friends, particularly with the people in your niche. As more and more people from the mainstream will be entering YouTube, all these other different niches that you can imagine will start being flushed out as well. There will be more and more people joining YouTube, so it’s a good idea to start improving in this area as soon as possible, especially for more niche areas.

Improve Your Content To Increase Number Of Views On YouTube

The next one I’m going to talk about is to improve your content. I guess it’s something that is the underlying theme for success on YouTube. For anything online, it’s to be able to provide valuable content. That’s content that your audience absolutely loves, and it’s the kind of content that people think, “Wow! I should be paying money for this.” That’s how good you want to make your content.

Embed Your Videos On Your Blog And Other Sites To Increase Number Of Views On YouTube

It’s really easy to find the embed code of any video on YouTube. All you do is go to the specific video that you’re interested in. Look here on the right hand side where it says Embed. If you click right here, it will open up some more options for you, which is very powerful.

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