Customer Testimonial Page Inspirations For Your Website

How to Market Your Videos on YouTube for Maximum Traffic

Identify keywords using Google’s keyword tool. Choose keywords that are widely searched. Market your videos accordingly by adding these keywords to the beginning of your video’s title, description and keywords to see immediate results.

How to Post a Video Online and Get More Viewers To Know About It – A Simple Tip on Video SEO

You’ve been making videos and posting them on your website, you want them to show up on Google and rank high in searches – if you really want to increase your viewers, here’s a great idea: Add a transcript of your video to the video page. Google-bots search through your website pages looking for video and related text that links to the search term that a viewer uses. This is easy to do.

12 Powerful Video Marketing Tips

Not only is video marketing one of the most powerful marketing strategies in the marketplace today, but most importantly you can start using this strategy today for absolutely free! After this article you will never look at marketing with video the same.

Create YouTube Videos to Advertise Your Online Home Business

YouTube has grown to become an Internet phenomenon and every online home business owner should take advantage of this medium and the audience it attracts in order to market their enterprise. Here are some ideas about how to make money with YouTube.

How Online Video Marketing Can Help Get New Leads and Close More Deals

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Online Video shot up by 42% in 2011, making it one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. So how can business benefit from Online Video Marketing?

How YouTube Video Length Affects the Viewing and Subscription Figures of Your Content

It is an obvious fact that if your content is too long, too boring, and seems too much like an advertisement rather than a sharing of information or knowledge, few people will want to watch it, never mind share it with their community. Yet we’ve all come across examples of overly-long, poorly-edited videos. This article helps you understand how the length of your YouTube video can affect your viewer numbers, subscription figures, and income potential.

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