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Creating Effective Video Presentations

Video presentations are important to get right. Your aim should be to keep your viewers watching your video rather than clicking away part way through. Whilst there will always be people who don’t watch the entire video, you’ll be able to tell from your stats how long people watch for and can tweak your newer videos to help reduce the number of people who click away.

Easy Video Creation Software

Like most software, video creation software has gotten easier to use. But it can still be daunting as there are lots of things you can control or tweak with it. Not to mention terms like white balance and bit rates and video codecs and all sorts of other weird and wonderful terms.

Best Video Creation Software for Slideshows

In my view, slideshow videos are one of the easiest formats to create for YouTube. They’re also useful for people to follow along – you can usually switch to a screen shot if you need to show how to do something on a web page. And they allow you to gather your thoughts before you take the plunge and create a video.

5 Tips for Simple in-House Video Creation

Video creation doesn’t have to be complicated. With today’s technology, you can shoot videos on your phone that would have taken a full studio’s worth of equipment to create a decade or two ago.

How to Create Videos for YouTube

Even if you upload your videos elsewhere, YouTube is the place that everyone seems to expect them to be placed. Many sites make it very easy to add your video and will take care of all the behind the scenes technical stuff, leaving you free to get on with your life.

Five Helpful Tips When Hiring an Explanation Video Company

In today’s fast paced business world, explanation videos are gaining popularity and can be a great way to reach audiences at any time. These short, powerful videos deliver information quickly and without confusion. They can be used to inform, promote, or train. Once committed to using these videos for delivering messages, the next phase of the journey is asking the question: “Who is the best-qualified to provide this product?”

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