Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 Online Domination

Sales Video Marketing – Creating Your Script

By now you probably have heard about the general attitude that online consumers have towards video, and how it is much more effective on the general population than anything else you can through at them. That being said, competition in the sales video marketing scene is starting to rise, and naturally you will have to out do your competitors in terms of how easy you video is on the average consumer. But before you understand what makes a good video, you have to master the foundation behind marketing video, which is…

How to Generate Free MLM Leads Using Video Marketing – 5 Tips

Believe it or not, a super hot trend for generating free MLM leads is videos! Creating videos and posting them on YouTube is a great way to find free leads.

How To Understand Analytics On YouTube: Using Traffic Source Information To Improve Results (Part 2)

Many people fail to make use of available analytical information to help them make informed strategic decisions on your video output on YouTube. Knowing how and from where your visitors reach your YouTube videos has an impact on affect your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, video title choices, raise your profile, and help establish connections within your niche. This second in a two-part article looks at how YouTube’s free Traffic Source tools will help you quantify your return on your YouTube video investment (ROI) and reveal the effectiveness of your campaigns and traffic boosting strategies.

Common Misconceptions About Video Marketing

Video marketing has been proven to be useful to organizations who would like to enhance online visibility and improve brand recognition. It also functions for other purposes other than those stated. However, given the host of benefits, many companies are still hesitant to use this emerging marketing platform due to misguided beliefs. The following are some misconceptions surrounding video marketing.

How To Increase Video Conversion Rates With Video Call To Action

If you have a video that you use to promote your business without a call to Action, it’s like having a dog that doesn’t bark! A Video call to action should indicate what the viewer should do next. Just like when a dog barks, it indicates to the owner that either the dog is hungry, having fun or intruder has come.

Web Video Will Turbocharge Your Social Media Efforts

When you own a business or are trying to sell a product or service, you need a way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Conventional sales methods are great, but the Internet has a large amount of opportunities for strategic marketing that can really get you noticed. One clever and easy way to spread information about your valuable products, services or business is by using web videos. This medium for information has spread rapidly and more people than ever are watching videos on the web for entertainment and informational purposes. Sites like YouTube and Facebook have made sharing web videos effortless, making videos a good platform for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their website and turn that traffic into profits.

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