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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site With YouTube

You may have heard of video marketing, and may even have tried your hand at one or two videos, but gave up after that because they do not seem to be bringing traffic to your website and don’t get any hits on YouTube either. This article is to help you get to grips with YouTube and how to use it to drive traffic to your website.

Confused by YouTube? Here Is the Solution!

Whether you want to learn a language like Spanish or fix your leaking tap, YouTube is the site to provide the answers. This is a site that provides video content on just about anything.

Top 5 Explanation Video Mistakes You Want to Avoid

We are living in the age of massive marketing noise: multinationals, small companies, politicians and virtually everybody try to persuade us do to things, to purchase their product or services. We are bombarded with thousands of messages on a daily basis from all media vehicles possible: TV, radio, newspapers, banners, billboards..

How We Use Video Advertising To Find Customers and Leads For Your Business

How do you spend your time online? Do you research products or services you want to buy, or visit your friends on Facebook to see what they are doing, or check in on LinkedIn to see who you can connect with professionally? Maybe you watched some video advertising while you were there.

Growing Your Small Business With Videos

Small business owners often struggle to compete in the advertising arena against their larger counter parts because small businesses have a smaller advertising budget. One way they can compete, is by creating viral videos that we see on YouTube and Vimeo and all over the web. Videos can be created on your own, with your own equipment such as an iPhone, cell phone camera, flip cam, or any other low-cost equipment solution. Viewers are not expecting a professionally-designed video with super-high quality. The are, instead, expecting something that will entertain them and touch them in some way. So video offers an excellent opportunity for small business owners to market their business without spending a fortune.

How to Integrate Video Into Social Media

Video has a large appeal to audiences because most people want to “see” something before they will “read” something. Videos can be used to strengthen the consumer experience by educating the viewer about products or services, and by getting the corporate culture and personality of a company out there. This helps to increase awareness and build your company’s brand.

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