Editing MISTAKES YouTubers MAKE That Viewers HATE!

How Can I Be Sure My Videos Will Be Watched Online When I Submit Them?

Submitting videos to online video directories is an important step, but the way you ‘package’ them will enhance the way your videos are returned to people in their search results. I say this, and talk about this to help you ensure your videos are seen by more people.

Value of Video Marketing

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine, what a moving picture with sound can be worth? Definitely a LOT MORE!

How Can I Get My Videos in Front of Many Viewers in the Shortest Time Possible?

Having created a great video, your next step will include getting in front of as many people as possible. I explain some of the methods that can reduce the time this process takes to maximise your results from your video submission tasks.

How Can I Improve the Audio on My Videos and Sound a Little Better?

Getting the audio right on a video may seem unimportant to some people. However, the audio quality can massively improve the experience of the viewer of your video, and give the impression of greater professionalism, and respect for your work. If you are making a marketing video, this is an important step.

How Can I Stop My Camera Pictures Shaking Or Being Blurred?

For many video or picture camera enthusiasts, a common problem for beginners is that the camera either takes fuzzy or blurred shots, or in the case of video, there seems to be a shaking of the image on the screen. What causes this, and more importantly, how can this be eliminated?

How to Lead a Webinar You Can Be Proud Of – Ten Sure Fire Tips

Webinars (presentations or seminars held over the web) are terrific for reaching your customers and potential customers. It’s a real chance to add value and lock in sales. But – oh dear – I have been fool enough to sign up for some terrible ones!

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