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5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Videos

After you build a website, the next thing you need to think about is how to drive traffic to it. While there are many ways to do so, I’m going to share what I believe to be one of the most effective ways, video marketing. Video marketing is something that is relatively new on the web since the advent of video sharing sites like YouTube and the widespread availability of video capturing hardware on digital cameras and cell phones. So how do you take advantage of that? Here are my 5 favorite ways to use videos to market your website:

How to Get More Views on YouTube – 3 Methods That Will Give You A Boost On Your YouTube Videos

In this article you will learn how to get more views on YouTube. I will give you three specific methods on how to increase the views on any video that you have. A couple of these methods are unique and use out-of-the-box thinking. I just ask that you put these methods to good use. Many people think that YouTube is an easy way of generating traffic. YouTube is an extremely difficult place to generate traffic to your website.

Getting Started in Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video is versatile and can be applied to everything from introducing your product to showing how it is used. Those wondering how to begin can start with some of the most leading pieces, such as a video blog (also known as “vlog”).

Video Marketing: Leveraging Your Message Through Engagement

How do you integrate videos into your marketing mix? Video Marketing is nothing new to the social media circuit and overall marketing strategy. Clearly, we can see the gain in popularity with videos on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Boost Your Healthcare Marketing With Video – Part II

As I discussed in my previous post, in order to maximize online discovery of your healthcare marketing videos, take advantage of social media platforms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Video SEO is all about using the proper keywords in your video titles and descriptions. To get a feel for the most popular keywords being searched at any given time, use the Google Keyword Tool or YouTube Keyword Tool to pick out the highest trending and most relevant keywords that relate to the content of your video. Then attempt to use these keywords within your video titles and descriptions.

Marketing With YouTube

Video may have killed the radio star, but it also opened the door so that anyone can be a star. Even your business. Learn to effectively market using video and watch your sales take off.

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