Exposing My Social Media Strategy

Why Use Video?

Video is destined to become the next phenomenon. Everyone agrees. So much more can be done with video than the written word or even audio recordings. And video eliminates the possibility of someone stealing written work, changing a portion of the wording, and posting it as their content. Video cannot be just copied and altered, and that fact alone makes a great case for using video.

Easy Video Player 2 Review – The Definitive Marketing Solution

If you could get your hands on a way to get your marketing message across to everyone quickly, cheaply and cost effectively would you do it? You would of course, so here is the answer you have been looking for.

Corporate Marketing Videos

Even poorly produced videos, silly videos and amateur videos grab attention because people are so fascinated with this technology. Just browse YouTube and look at the number of views these videos have had. Even “doubting Thomas” would recognize the popularity of videos of all stripes.

How To Get Yourself Viral In a Matter of a Week

Find out the free tool that my circle of IMs have been using to get their videos riding the viral wave. Learn how to send ridiculous amount of traffic to your offers and webpages!

Video Production – Is It As Powerful As It Is Made Out to Be?

Business growth and effective marketing is ultimately one of the greatest challenges that every business faces. Video production is a surefire way to get noticed and communicate your business’ key messages.

5 Keys to Social Media Success With Video Marketing Online

There is a lot of attention being given to videos and ways to use them to market your business, product or service online. There are tons of videos being uploaded every day and there are several keys to help your videos rise to the top of the search engines so that they get found and actually watched by your prospects. Here are the 5 Keys to success with videos.

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