Facebook Ads in 2023: Brand NEW Secrets, Strategies & Pro-Tips

Using Internet Video Ads to Turn Browsers Into Buyers

The day of the billboard and back-of-the-bench advertising is way gone. Don’t get me wrong; those techniques still work. But people aren’t very likely to put their money down after checking out a bench at a bus stop. Advertising is way different now.

Online Video Blogs – Ever Wonder If They Could Help Your Business?

If you do any searching at all on the web then you have probably seen this sequence before. You are searching the web, you come across something that interest you, you click on the result in the search results page and instead of text coming up you get a video instead to explain everything to you.

Make Money Online – Make Videos For Affiliate Products

Are you good at editing and filming? Do you do it professionally or as a hobby? It doesn’t matter, if you want to turn this skill into money, by making promotional videos for affiliate products then read on.

To YouTube Or Not to YouTube

Many a marketer has chosen to include videos on their websites as a means of keeping visitors engaged, because sites that keep visitors for longer have a greater chance of converting browsers into leads or customers. But a recent conversation with a Google insider revealed that in actual fact, using video on your website can actually work against you. But why?

Video Marketing Made Simple

Want to stop being overwhelmed by the thought of putting video marketing to work in your business? Read this article now.

YouTube Videos – How to Make YouTube Videos and Get More Views?

YouTube videos are so popular nowadays. Why? – Because almost everyone from 7 to 77 visit this site when they want to find out useful or funny information for relaxation. In one word, this website is among top 10 highest traffic sites on the web. Therefore almost every website owner has included online video marketing in his promotion arsenal. Now read on the article to discover useful tips on how to make YouTube videos and get more views.

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