Facebook Lookalike Audience Tutorial, Pro-tips & Secrets

The Why and How of Business Video Production

Corporate video production can be a useful marketing tool for any business, because it allows you to communicate to your audience in a more personal way. This articles breaks down the ‘how and why’ of producing corporate video.

How to Put Tags on a YouTube Video

Many people are turning to YouTube to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. As a marketer, you want to be the person to provide that information. Since you have made the masterpiece video specifically for your target market, how do you get them to find your video?

Four Reasons to Consider an Online Video Profile

No matter how much written content and photos you have on your website, they can’t convey as much about you and your services as a video profile. An Online Profile is a short 1 to 1.5 minute video featuring owners, staff and customers in a “real” documentary style format.

Video Marketing Opens A New Vista For Internet Marketers

The world of internet marketing is highly challenging. Video marketing on the internet holds high potential in this regard. This article introduces readers to video marketing and explores how it scores above the conventional text content.

Utilizing Video Stock Footage To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Anyone in marketing knows that to sell a product you need to bring attention to it. By using video stock footage of interesting and exciting topics into your presentation you’ll be able to hold attention consistently as you bridge from sales point to sales point.

How to Create a Video and Upload It On to YouTube

YouTube has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs with their own home based business to draw attention and, as a result, draw in traffic to their site. These videos can also be added to your website, Facebook and plenty of other places online. In other words, creating videos and uploading them to YouTube is an essential part of a successful social networking and marketing platform.

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