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How to Create, Build and Host Videos for Maximum Traffic

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube can be a very valuable source of traffic to your website. And web hosting providers all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages – making each suitable for different aspects of SEO and Inbound marketing with videos. But in order to be effective with your video marketing, a few planning strategies should be considered prior to launching your video marketing campaign.

Acoustics of Audio Recording

There is a significant difference between room acoustics and building acoustics. Acoustics is defined as, “The properties or qualities of a room or building that determine how sound is transmitted in it.” In other words, acoustics involves how sound bounces from one point to the next and is received by an individual or a recording microphone.

Is Online Video Advertising Effective?

There is an uptrend on online video advertising as more and more users rely on the internet for their source of TV content. The question, however, is online video advertising effective? Know more about it here in this article and see if it is worth considering.

Reasons Why Visitors May Not Be Watching Your Videos

Have you ever thought why your video has got less views and visitors and another video of inferior quality has so much more? There are several reasons for this and it is worth your while to do some research to find out why this is happening.

Jobs in TV Production: The Work of an Editor

A TV production editor will use a variety of techniques including cropping, syncing, and blending of different scenes and shots to create a polished finished product. An editor in TV production will work alongside the director as well as the producers during the entire editing process to ensure that the vision of the director and producers is exactly what is created in the final product. Before computer technology, film editing used methods such as actually cutting film and splicing them together.

How to Market Yourself Online Using Videos Without Tearing Your Hair Out (in Frustration)

The challenge for most business owners is to let people know they’ve got a business, without spending all their marketing budget in one go. More and more people are hearing that video marketing is “the next big thing” and they’re right, although rather than being “next” – it’s already here.

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