Here’s What Facebook and Google Aren’t Telling You About Your Ads

Promote Your Business Website With Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing can give fast and impressive results in the search engines. Creating a simple 30 second video using some stock photos or images and some text can bring floods of free traffic to your site. If yours is the only video returned when someone enters a search you stand a great chance of them clicking your link.

Video Business Marketing is For Every Business

With video production being able to be done on a computer, there is no reason businesses should not use video marketing. The article examines marketing online and on television.

7 Video Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Website and Boost Traffic

As a small business owner you may not be able to compete with a huge corporation’s marketing budget for brand awareness, however with innovative video software tools you can produce low-cost but good quality videos for your target audience that can give you effective results and improve your Google ranking. Whether the buzz regarding YouTube has motivated you to buy a Flip camera or webcam on your computer and video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony’s Vegas, (iMovie if you are a MAC owner) you may find yourself stumped as to how you can utilize these…

7 Tips to Help You Get More Out of Marketing With Video

If you haven’t tried marketing with video yet, then there’s no time like the present to just jump in there and give it a whirl. More and more internet marketers are seeing huge increases in opt-ins and sales because they’ve taken down those wordy sales and squeeze pages and replaced them with videos. So it’s time for you to start marketing with video, too.

Video Marketing Schmideo Varketing – The Real Secret to Success on YouTube

Video is a very effective marketing medium for anybody looking to make an online presence. However, there is a lot that you need to know in order to be effective, just like with anything else.

Video Marketing – 5 Essential Pre-Planning Tips to Consider Before Creating Your Video

You know that the Video Marketing storm is gaining momentum when social media sites such as Facebook, with 400 million subscribers and growing, and MySpace are fiercely promoting their video capabilities to their subscribers. As a small business marketer there are a few pre-planning steps you should consider before grabbing that video camera, webcam or mobile phone.

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