Hot Facebook Business Page Tips to Get More Customers

Five Simple Reasons To Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategies

A ComScore report showed that 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in December 2011 for an average of 23.2 hours per viewer (over 13% more hours per viewer than in November). The total U.S. Internet audience watched 43.5 billion videos.

Video Marketing Can Save You From Leaving Money on the Table

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’ve left money on the table. Missed opportunities are disheartening, and they can kill a business. If you want to maximize your revenue potential, here are a couple of little-known video marketing secrets that will help you get the biggest possible ROI:

How to Produce a Business Video

A simple user guide to the video production process, in three parts. Whether you’re planning to do your own video, or employ a production company, you’ll find this an invaluable guide.

Facebook Photos and Analytics

Once you have established a Facebook page for your company and developed it to its fullest capability, target other aspects to gain a broader outlook and audience base. Every single aspect of your page should be used, including photos. The photo section is a huge part of your page. With a compilation of photos, you are giving your company a face and essentially humanizing your company. The viewers are able to see who is a part of your company and who has what role. In a sense, this provides the viewers with a bit of inside knowledge that is better understood through a picture. A picture does portray a thousand words making it worth the while to post pictures to your page.

Guarding Your Brand in a Social Media Setting

Building a brand takes a great deal of time. Building a good reputation to follow the brand takes even more time. After the time has been served, it is necessary to know how to guard your empire. In order to avoid your brand going down the drain follow the tips that help do just that. A balance needs to be established in a social media setting. Take the discussion to the positive end of the balance and keep it there. A negative discussion will create a negative outlook on your brand. After putting in all the time, a negative outlook is not ideal. Positivity needs be correlated with your social media platforms.

3 Tips for Generating Massive Traffic on YouTube

Creating Videos for YouTube can be a great way to generate traffic to your websites. Why? Simply because YouTube gets more millions of hits on a daily basis.

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