How I Spend My Day as a Digital Marketer

Video and Social Media – A Recipe For Success

If you’re a business owner marketing your product or service via the Internet then you might already know two things: video and social networking tools are two increasingly popular types of media to use. According to recent research, using these types of media together will increase your return on investment by driving traffic to your website and increasing your websites’ conversion rate.

Top 10 Ways to Master Video Marketing

What is the most important thing to keep in mind while shooting a video for marketing purposes? I’ll give you a hint: it is NOT your product or service.

How to Produce a Professional Video For Your Website

The most amazing thing you can do to promote your company, product or service is to start to produce video. Video is a great way to get your message across on your site and also a wonderful to demonstrate a product or get a testimonial on a service.

Competitor Intelligence From YouTube

Competitor intelligence can be found in many locations beyond the obvious databases, and one of these is YouTube. When Google acquired YouTube in 2005, it was already growing quickly as a leading video website.

Guide to Video Marketing – Top Tips For the Video Marketing Newbie

Video or Visual interaction is a prolific media for reaching potential customers by broadcasting & promoting your products or services. There are many advantages to sharing videos on the Internet. Firstly, they can have a great impact…

Video Use in Marketing Has Its Faults

Video clips promoted now by Internet marketing experts as the ideal method for attracting customers are not only time consuming in a rapid moving business world, but also have faults which cause one to remain skeptical of their true value as a marketing strategy or method. Video must be watched and consumes minutes, whereas print scripts can be scanned in seconds in order to get the full message.

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