How MrBeast Built A $50,000,000 Business Empire On YouTube

Boost Your Brand Marketing With Videos

Video has gradually emerged as the most effective brand-marketing tool in contemporary business. A report by Forrester Research shows that over 76% of online shoppers find a company more reliable if it features visual content on its site. To appreciate the popularity of this promotional tool, consider a report by Etail Insights showing that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine, bigger than Yahoo, Bing and all others combined.

5 Points to Make a Compelling Corporate Video

They say that numbers don’t lie and if this is the case, then video has come of its own as the future of business marketing. A survey by Invodo targeting marketers shows 84% are using this tool for website marketing while 60% are capitalizing on it for email campaigns. Cisco on the other hand says that 70% of online traffic will be in this format by 2017 while a Com Score study shows visitors stay 2 minutes longer on your site if you have visuals.

What Makes Your Promotional Video Perfect?

If your business is struggling to cut a niche in online marketing, it is time to embrace promotional video production. A Forrester Research says that a video is worth 1.8 million words, highlighting its potential in marketing. What’s more, before reading your text, 60% of your visitors first check the visuals available. A report by Com Score shows this type of content has 41% higher click-through than print ads.

Advantages of Using a Green Screen in a Video Production

With the ever increasing technology in digital video marketing, companies are now saved from having to spend hundreds of dollars meant for the costly studio fees. This is due to the fact that lighting and quality HD cameras are far more affordable than ever before.

Bring Out the Vertical Video Platforms

According to eMarketer the Mobile users last year spent at least 150 minutes per day on vertical screens. This gives the mobile-first companies an opportunity to provide vertical experience right from the beginning. With Snapchat breaking the vertical video taboo, take a look at other players exploring the vertical video waters.

First Steps One Should Take Before Beginning Video Marketing

Video marketing is an art which would take a long time to cover. This article will touch upon some of the basic tips one should follow before beginning a series of videos for their business.

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