How to Become a Social Media Manager in 2022

Video Marketing Tips: Ten Ideas to Spark Your Video Creativity

Video marketing is increasing in both popularity and effectiveness. In fact, according to statistics uncovered by Forrester Research, videos are 50 times more likely to receive organic first page ranking in Google compared with plain text documents. Here are 10 tips to spark your video creativity.

Video Marketing For The Small Business Owner – Creating Effective Web Videos

Small businesses today need to stand out from their competition. How is this accomplished? One way is through producing web videos that are professional and emotionally appealing. Maybe you’re saying to yourself…emotionally appealing? Yes…let’s explain.

Is Your Brand Worth Professional Treatment?

Web video production must be viewed as an investment not a cost. Doing it right means hiring the right company who knows how to develop a presentation that enhances your image and attracts attention. Homemade or semi-pro efforts may seem like a bargain at the time but they will ultimately turn out to be a costly waste of resources that can do more damage than good; then again if you sew your suits, act as your own doctor, and grow your own food, perhaps you don’t need a professional.

New-Age Affiliate Marketing With Viral Videos

Creative internet marketers know that viral video marketing can be an extremely lucrative way to generate affiliate commissions. With a few simple strategies, affiliate marketers can produce their own videos to market a variety of products on sites like YouTube.

Speaking Tips for Your Video Production

If you aren’t already producing videos to boost your business, chances are strong you will do that soon, because you realize we have moved from print to audio to video marketing quite steadily. And although speaking for video production might seem intimidating at the outset, you will adjust and succeed by following a few steps that others have found beneficial.

How to Put Links on Your YouTube Videos

Not a lot of entertainment value here. This is the meat and bones of social media. When you are building your list and generating traffic, links on videos are the lifeblood of your business.

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