How to Create a Facebook Business Page: Full Tutorial, Expert Secrets & Pro-Tips

Overcoming Deer in the Headlights Syndrome: 3 Quick Tips for Not Freezing Up on Camera

They say fear of speaking in public is right up there with fear of death. Yikes! If that’s true, then speaking on camera must also be one of the biggest and most universal fears. There may not be a room full of people when you’re shooting your marketing video, but the minute that camera goes on, many of us go into a state of mild panic.

Effective Video Production: 5 Rules

In the past couple of years the industry of social media websites has exploded. Along with this is the evolution of web video marketing. Promoters have found the ability to effectively combine entertainment with information to spread throughout the internet and reach people they would otherwise not come in contact with. It is also a low cost means that provides permanency for your company on the web.

Five Web Video Production Basics

As the internet continues to grow and the attention span of the general audience continues to decrease, web videos have never been more important given their ability to be shared far and wide, to the broadest possible audience, as well as the ability to draw viewers in and transmit massive amounts of information in a brief period of time. To help guide them as they being striving to create their own high quality, effective web video content, here are five tips to help companies in these efforts.

5 Grounds You Need to Go Viral With the Video

Videos are the new trend in internet marketing. Explore core reasons that why you need to go viral with the video.

How Movie Trailers Equal Ultimate Marketing Success Fast!

Learn how a movie trailer can inspire one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Includes an explanation of why trailers work and the characteristics of each element in a quality promotional video.

How Using Video Production Can Help Your Business

Showcasing the best about your business and your local area by engaging with video production. This article will display some of the main advantages of video marketing and in particular how it can help your business locally.

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