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Five Don’ts in YouTube Promotion

Wanting to get your YouTube video noticed is a good thing, most of the publishers there want to get a huge amount of views so they enter the partner affiliate program. However, many novice publishers are far too heavy-handed with their YouTube promotion, leading to very bad results.

Tips for Using YouTube for Business Marketing

Business owners and marketers know that the traditional forms of marketing are important, but not many marketers think about using simple tools like YouTube for business promotion. There are essentially many ways that YouTube can benefit a business, but business owners must do specific things to make YouTube work for them. Here are five tips for using YouTube for business marketing.

Will Online Video Better My Business?

Video content, particularly online, has experienced exponential growth in recent years. Over 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every hour according to recent reports. Most business owners, at least the ones that I know, are seriously considering using it for their business and it seems like everyone has something to say in the marketing boardroom when video comes up in the conversation. But before you put on your director’s hat and start dreaming up your company’s first hilarious/viral/must-be-successful online video, it’s good to understand when, where and why people will want to watch your audio-visual masterpiece.

Video Marketing Tips – 4 Tips to Create Video Articles For Massive Traffic

Video Marketing is a powerful online marketing tool to drive massive traffic to your website. Today people are spending more time on the internet sourcing for information, leisure and business purposes. There are as many as 3 billion views of videos on YouTube daily. So how do you take advantage of this growing trend? Follow these 4 steps to help you get started on your video marketing to drive massive traffic to your website.

Article to Video Marketing Benefits

Article writing has been one of the more popular ways of driving traffic to a website. You can submit your article to a variety of article directories and if they should get syndicated then you can expect even more traffic. There is now something called article to video marketing which takes marketing to a new level.

The Evolution of Flash Video

Recently, an overtly negative attitude seems to have arisen towards the use of third-party plugins such as Adobe’s Flash Player. Despite this attitude however, leading open-source players, rather than pushing users to abandon Flash in favor of native browser playbacks, seem to still be making use of these third-party plugins, and the reason is fairly simple. The two key components to any video playback system are a video decoder and an application framework. While HTML5 offers a quality application framework, due to certain limitations, it has not yet developed a working video decoder.

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