How To Future Proof Your SEO Against Google’s Next Update

How to Make Money Online With YouTube – 3 Free Ways You Can Start Making Money Today!

First of all you can’t really make money from YouTube but what you can do is get traffic from your YouTube videos to your website, blog, Squidoo, etc. Now I’ll be covering briefly on techniques you can use to make money from that traffic.

Video Marketing and Why You Should Consider It

Up until late last year, all my marketing was done via my blog, social networking sites and via articles. Why? Well, I guess you could say I wanted to operate within my comfort zone.

Why Video is the Most Important Ingredient For Your Website

Most business ventures regardless of size now have a web presence, you’ve probably invested plenty of personal time and effort into your website – but how are you making it work for you? Dynamic, eye-catching content is paramount in creating a fresh, fun website that users will want to return to, so here’s something to consider for 2010: video production. If video isn’t yet part of your marketing mix, here’s a breakdown of why it should be:

Video Marketing – The Influential and Effective Marketing Tool

In the era of the internet marketing and search engine marketing it has become really important that we adopt good strategies to promote our products, services or other offerings. Web has become a great medium to popularize whatever we want to reach the mindset of masses or selected target audiences. However, people pay more attention to visuals than the written text and hence video marketing has become more popular than the articles.

Lights, Camera, Action – How to Create a Video

Imagine having a commercial featuring your business running on multiple channels simultaneously. This commercial is seen by hundreds – no thousands of targeted prospects.

How to Boost Sales by Using Internet Viral Marketing

You have probably heard many times before how internet viral marketing can increase sales. But what exactly is the principle of this concept? Viral marketing can be compared to mainstream networking.

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