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Selling Video Courses Online – How to Monetize Your Expertise

Almost everyone has some area of expertise, be it yoga, SEO, photography, or tennis. By creating and selling video courses in your expertise, you can both educate your community about your favorite topics, and creating a thriving business around your knowledge.

The Future of Your Business Can Depend on Video Marketing

Online videos have been around for a long time. The size of the online video market share can be attributed to sites like YouTube that have changed our online experience. Online video has grown so strong that the time spent watching it is comparable to the time spent watching TV. There is no need to be concerned about video working today and not tomorrow, it is a permanent part of the internet. There are so many ways to promote products on the internet. Whatever you feel comfortable…

Practical Video Marketing Tips – 3 Powerful Strategies to Get More Traffic From Your YouTube Videos

Do you know how to get more traffic from your YouTube videos? 3 powerful strategies are inside this article.

The Simplest Way to Attract New Customers – Video Marketing

If you want to start attracting new customers to you website you must be able to build quality videos and then use some software to upload them to the biggest video sites on the web. The simplest way to do that is by writing articles on specific keywords. For example if you want to promote a product that helps people train their dog you will simply go to Google search for the keyword tool and get some keywords ideas.

3 Things to Spice Up Your Video Interview

Every day, people upload thousands of interview videos online. These are videos with a someone on camera addressing either a person of camera or to the camera directly (the audience watching the video). Usually viewing audience can sit through a minute or two of this, in particular those interested in the content.

Video Testimonial

Video has become mainstream for business owners. Recording your business on film used to be prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most small businesses.

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