How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube – FREE LIVE CHANNEL REVIEWS

The Power of Customer Video Testimonials

A video is the most powerful marketing tool. This article tries to explain how a customer video testimonial can strengthen your video marketing campaign.

The 10 Commandments For Lawyers Who Use Video

Here are my rules for attorneys who advertise and market themselves using video; they apply to every lawyer who creates attorney video and they’re mostly common sense, but because we’re attorneys, nothing is ever as it seems. 1. Thou shall not disparage another lawyer in your video 2.

How to Create and Sell Instructional Videos

Instructional videos have become very popular online. There are many types of instructional videos. For example, there are videos on how to cook certain dishes, how to make a will, or how to use computer programs.

Internet Marketing Business at the Farmers’ Market? Why?

A Farmers’ Market and its patrons welcomed their first computer storefront in the summer of 2009. Among the sounds, sights, and smells from the musicians, bakers, vendors of organic foods, artisans and crafters, was the laptop screen of an internet company. The eclectic clientele of locals and visitors of the Farmer’s Market proved to be progressive thinkers who accept green ideas even from a computer screen.

Why We Should Use Viral Marketing For Business Promotion

Conventionally, viral marketing is the technique of spreading a brand name by ‘word of mouth.’ As communication technologies evolved to the current form such as Internet, viral marketing techniques also changed their form to exploit the opportunities available through these revolutionary media.

The New Ultimate Free Traffic Generator – Video Marketing – 6 and a Half Key Beginner Steps

If there were 1 billion people visiting a mall daily, would it be a good idea to advertise your product/s there? What if these ads were free, how many ads would you put up? Allow me to show you how to take advantage of this new, ultimate and free traffic generator called video marketing.

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