How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube – FREE LIVE CHANNEL REVIEWS

What Makes a Good Video Marketing Message?

Some people say that an effective video marketing message has to be shot with videography in mind. You must find the perfect lighting; some people have irrational dislikes of web-cam videos or videos that are shot with a hand-held camera.

Make Money Easy Online – 10 Important Video Marketing Tips

How to make money easy online with video marketing. Considerations while creating the video and while promoting it.

Article Video Robot

Create Video for your articles with voice over, animations, graphics and submit it to 17+ top video sites with the Article Video Root. Turn your articles into videos and have a whole new distribution channel for your content. Read more…

Church Marketing – YouTube and the Church – Should They Go Together?

Do you think that posting your videos to a video sharing service such as YouTube is un-Godly? Perhaps you should revisit that idea. Here are some solid reasons you should be doing so and also answer what you might post.

Video Promotion Has a Positive Impact on Website Traffic

Website traffic needs all the help it can get. There are numerous techniques to drive up traffic and one of the recent and well established is the video promotion technique. In this method short videos are made and hosted on the site which will give the visitors an idea about the services and products you offer along with what your existing customers feel about your services.

Video Promotion For Improved Web Traffic

Driving up web traffic is the biggest challenge a website faces today. The market is flooded with techniques that promise the moon but how many of them really work and produce results? Video promotion is among the most popular current trends – as a highly web promotion technique and is already a proven method.

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