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Information on Video Production

Video production can be defined as the process in which a producer creates the video by capturing all the possible moving images and then creates a combination of all these images. He can also reduce the parts in a live production and post- production. In most of the cases the video that has been captured will be recorded on an electronic media platform such as a hard disk, tape and a solid state storage.

YouTube Audience Retention Tricks That Work

Audience retention is the #1 ranking factor for your videos on YouTube! Today, I give you Five proven methods to increase your audience retention and keep your videos ranking on YouTube.

Videos – Hints, Problem Solving and a Revenue Opportunity

The other day, my daughter confronted me with a problem she had with a video she was wanting to upload to her website. This is an issue I had for myself, solved so very long ago that I had basically stopped thinking that others were running into this problem as well and not knowing what to do. This article provides a couple of solutions to this problem and also discusses a revenue opportunity arising for someone facing this problem.

Facebook Video Marketing Tips That Can Boost Your Sales

Business owners today are constantly challenged with ways to stay in front of their target audience and I experience the same thing with my own business. Facebook makes it easy for us to reach our audience right where they are hanging out. Together with YouTube, Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for your video marketing campaigns.

5 Steps To Starting With Video Marketing

Videos add life to your online marketing campaigns and transform static, traditional online content into action-driven messages that project your message in a powerful, dramatic way. Here are 5 steps on getting started with video marketing.

10 Tips For Writing a Captivating Explainer Video Script

Explainer video script is more than just words. It forms the framework around which video is created. Therefore, it is important to write a persuasive script that talks to the viewers in an engaging manner. While writing a script, each word should be used wisely.

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