How to Get More Subscribers & Views on YouTube – FREE CHANNEL REVIEWS

5 Elements of an Effective Online Video

Successful online video marketing campaigns begin with quality videos. But quality videos require more than just clarity and exciting colors. In addition, video marketing tactics also focus on producing videos that are simple, of short duration, entertaining, informative and accessible to the various web-enabled devices by the target audience.

Success Factors in Creating a Corporate Marketing Online Video

Online video marketing is not the traditional way for companies to launch and promote their products and services but if you consider that YouTube alone generates about 92 billion page views monthly from 490 million users from different parts of the world, you have to review your corporate video marketing strategies. Online corporate videos are now easier to create thanks to the continuing developments in imaging devices particularly the digital video recorders. Definitely, the technology is there.

Ways Video Production Will Enhance the Profile of Your Brand

The Marketer’s Summary 2014, Viewership Statistics report indicates that 74% of all online traffic will be video. It might not sound like much but considering that 65% of all viewers watch over three quarters of a video production then these numbers become more significant. Delightful Numbers However, that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Tips for Better Corporate Video Viewability

Numbers are the best indicators of reality. That being said, Forrester Research says that a one-minute corporate video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

Video Marketing Tips – 4 Things You Must Do To Be Successful

Online video marketing is becoming more and more valuable. Especially with sites like YouTube, this type of marketing is increasing everyday and becoming a lot more effective.

Understanding the Power of Video Marketing

Video marketing is often overlooked as a form of marketing for some reason. Now more than ever we should all learn and understand just how powerful this medium can be for marketing.

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