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Why Is Video So Compelling?

The Role of Sound Response to aural experience comes in two forms: one from human voice and the other, human response to the spectrum of sound. Our human voice carries a lot more information than we think. Simple as it may seem but our tone and modulation affect the message we wish to convey; as it is said, “It’s not what we say but how we say it”.

The Impact Business Videos Have On Sales

Can business videos really affect sales? Well, to put the answer into perspective, it’s important to consider a few facts about the popularity of videos. According to Emarketer, around 51% of marketers all over the globe consider video to have the best Return on Investment among all types of online content. On the other hand, COMSCORE has estimated that around 188 million people in the United States has watched around 52.4 billion videos last December 2013, with the average American spending about 19 hours watching a video of some kind or another.

Video Marketing Strategies To Help You Earn More Money

Before the advent of videos on the web, the only way that you could achieve top rankings for your website was to use articles and webpages. You would have to create unique content that would be able to outrank your competitors, and also build back links to these pages so that you could achieve top rankings. Today, it’s actually very easy to get multiple top rankings, sometimes first page rankings, for videos that will outrank articles almost every time.

How To Make A Passive Income Online With Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing? Video marketing is an effective way to build your brand, generate traffic, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is important to establish trust with your viewers and show them that you’re real person. Videos allow you to establish trust with your viewers in a way that can’t be done with articles and written blog posts.

The Effectiveness of Adding Videos to Your Brand

Enhancing your professional brand with videos will make a giant positive difference to what you are doing and to how far you can go in a short amount of time. The truth is that your personal and your professional brand are, in many ways, one brand and videos will serve to enhance both very effectively.

5 Keys to Succesful YouTube Marketing

With YouTube being the 3rd most visited site online and the 2nd largest search engine right behind Google, you want to be making sure your business is fully utilizing this valuable asset. As a professional YouTube marketer I will be outlining the steps you can take today to make your video more valuable.

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