Video Marketing – 5 Critical Reasons to Take Video Marketing Seriously!

There have been questions in the past regarding video marketing when it comes to traffic, customers and eventually sales. This article highlights the 5 Critical reasons to consider video marketing not just an alternate but the captain when dealing with website advertisement.

Video Marketing Secrets – 6 Reasons to Get Started Now!

Online video optimization is an important part of the “new” media that is sweeping across the internet. If you are using video, then you are really missing out on a TON of profits. If you don’t currently have an internet business, then using video is probably the fastest way to get started. See how to get started inside this article…

Useful Tips When Using Camtasia

While practising to make my bit of a video I have encountered several problems. Here are some of the problems that I found:

How Google Sees Videos Compared to Articles

Do you know Google loves YouTube? Google loves to watch videos just like you love to watch TV. Articles can take days to get indexed, but videos are indexed by Google in 15 minutes or less. Is that it? Nope.

Easy Video Creation Techniques and How to Make Your Video Viral

The success of YouTube has proven one thing-that we are exceedingly visual beings. We prefer to watch and learn through images rather than reading text. With that being said, millions of videos, amateur and professional have been uploaded onto YouTube and other video websites. The fact that Google purchased YouTube for hundreds of millions of dollars is an indication that the search engine behemoth predicts the meteoric rise of video marketing and that businesses and individuals will lean heavily on motion pictures to relay their messages.

What’s the Next Big Thing in Internet Marketing For Business? Their Own Internet TV Channel

It’s hard to know where the next internet marketing technique to develop will come from. Video podcasting is certainly proving a hit with companies embracing this, but what if a business could have its own TV channel on the internet.

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