Why YouTube Is Better Than TV In Terms Of Video Marketing

These days, not a lot of people stay home to watch TV, or at least make a conscious effort to watch TV while they are out. That can hardly be expected. On the contrary, a vast majority of us care to be online even at a party. There are social networking sites and similarly formatted sites that get us glued to the web at any time of the day.

Enhance Visitor Follow Through With Online Video

Creating landing and squeeze pages is a common Web strategy used to prompt site visitors to perform a specific action such as sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product. These pages don’t automatically lead to conversions though. The pages must first be discovered by the user, and the pages must be loaded with compelling text.

Tips To Help You Get More YouTube Views

It seems that everyone and their mothers are posting videos on YouTube these days. Because of this, the competition for getting viewers and subscribers to your channel is extremely fierce and most videos get little to no hits at all. If you need some helpful tips to help you get more YouTube views, this article can help. There are many different factors which will ultimately affect the number of viewers and subscribers you attract. Some of these include the quality of your content, how you label your content, and how you market it. Get these 3 things right and you will get hits.

4 Ways to Promote Your Video on Twitter

Twitter is now one of the most common referrers for web video traffic, and video statistics company TubeMogal claim that it plays a larger part than Facebook, Yahoo and Google. This suggests Twitter is one of the top places to promote your online video. See our top 4 easy to follow tips for making the most of twitter for your video marketing below…

How To Get YouTube Views For Your Videos

Tons of people post videos on YouTube, which means that the videos you post can easily get lost in the sea of digital content. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that your videos do not get totally lost in the gigantic mix of other videos. If you need help figuring out how to get YouTube views for your videos, the tips in this article can help. Many people want to get YouTube views because they want to become famous. However, there are more practical purposes for increasing your views. Creating and posting quality content that becomes very popular can help you land a job in the media industry. Additionally, if you post a good number of videos that get a good amount of attention, you can actually start making money off of them.

YouTube SEO – This Is Exactly How You Make Your YouTube Video Rise to the Top!

YouTube SEO is something you need to do if you want your video to gain traction. It’s not hard, but this is what you have to do to make it happen.

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