How to Increase Facebook Engagement and Get More Likes in 2022

Possible Impact Of Mobile And Wearable Technology On Video Content

The video content is currently having its moment. How could video be impacted by the rise of mobile and wearable technology?

Budgeting A Corporate Video: Tips for Businesses in Allocating Marketing Dollars

A lot of factors go into calculating the cost of a video, so ascertaining what you need versus what you want is a good way to start if your budget is tight. Videos can range from free, if a film student at a local college is willing to do it pro-bono, to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if celebrities are involved, high-profile directing talent, stunts, exotic locations, or any number of other expensive elements come into play. Most businesses have no need for spending large sums of money on Web videos, but always remember that with a legitimate company, you have to spend some money to achieve professional results.

Video Marketing and SEO In Three Steps

Video marketing and SEO is a powerful factor in getting your website attention. Having your video rank on the first page is a powerful marketing tool to help you gain publicity for your website and attract customers. Videos can also be used as a stand-alone communication strategy for online marketing.

Getting Your Video To The Top Of Search Engines

Online video marketing has become the wave of the future. If you need to get your content to the top fast creating video is the way to do it. While optimizing website links may take months if your efforts are not consistent video can get you to the first page almost instantly.

Five Reasons Your Website Needs Video

What’s up with video these days? Why does every other website open with a video?

3 Things To Get The Most Out Of Online Video Marketing

If you have a business then you need to start marketing online. To make the most out of an online video marketing campaign you have to use everything that the internet gives you.

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